Monday, September 28, 2009

On the Road Again..well actually for the second time

Fati & Charles and Chloe and Kylen are going to hit the road on October 10th. We got this crazy idea to head down to DC to visit family and play a show. And without too much fuss, it's happened as we planned.

It's a pretty short road trip and only the second time we'll be playing outside of the NYC limits but I think we're going to stack the audience with family and friends and it should be a fun time.

My kids have never been to DC where I was born and haven't met some of my family so I'm very excited about that. Our camping trip in Vermont this summer emboldened us to take some more road trips so watch out Eastern seaboard! Here come the Mister Family singers!

1 comment:

Sol said...

que tengan un muy lindo viaje!

Y ya TAMBIEN se acerca el primer CONCIERTO INTERNACIONAL!!!!!!

Besos para todos