Sunday, November 8, 2009

Show at Colegio del Prado

When we lived in Argentina for five months, Chloe had her first school experience at a school called Colegio del Prado. The director and teachers were so welcoming to Chloe that she finally had to admit that she liked going to school. The school inspired Fati to write Mama Me Lleva a la Escuela and we decided to name the girl in Al Zoologico, Pau after Chloe first teacher at Colegio del Prado.

Although we were only going to visit Argentina for three weeks, we sent both kids this time to Colegio del Prado. The staff was so wonderful and accomodating and Chloe and Kylen rather miraculously, adapted really well to the school. "What? We're going to another country, where they speak a different language, and I'm going to go to school with kids I've never seen before for two week? Okay no problem." I think it's really a testament to how much Fati has worked to make sure the kids feel comfortable communicating in Spanish and how much they feel at home in Argentina.

In any case, with all this history, we had to do a show at the school and they had a family day while we were there which was the perfect opportunity to share our music with them.

Getting out the hats for the Baile

We had kids dancing on the jungle gym which was very cool

We got a bunch of kids dancing but best of all, our former next door neighbors came with their son and were all jumping up and down with us during Soy Muy Independiente. Seeing Seba, Gise, and Juampi pogoing with us yelling "Solo! Solo!" is a memory I'll always treasure.

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