Friday, January 15, 2010

World Brooklyn Event Great For Adults and Kids

We had a great time last Sunday at the World Brooklyn: Tips To Raising A Bilingual Child event! We felt kind of funny with our little table decorated with El Baile del Sombrero and Abbasubi gear--coloring sheets, stickers, cards, and of course CDs. We've never presented ourselves like that before but as soon as parents started arriving and we got a chance to talk to them, we had a great time!
Most of the families that came had babies and were trying to figure out how to raise them bilingually. Fati & I were thrust into the role of "experienced parents with bilingual kids" and got into great discussions about that we had done and the situation of the families we were meeting. Oh yeah! And here's this CD we did!
The panel discussion was a lot of fun and there were just the right amount of people so that the Q&A session really allowed everyone to participate. The most important thing I think I got out of the panel was to make and plan and then be consistent. It's not always easy but it helps children to clearly distinguish between languages and have a constant context for when to use a certain language.
The other nice part of the afternoon was that our kids had a great time! They made a number of crowns for Los Reyes which they kept running in to show us. The staff from Lango were really welcoming and great with the kids. There was a crafts room and a playroom that were both buzzing with activity the whole afternoon.
After some great demos by Musica para Mi and El Pequeno Artista, Fati cranked up El Baile del Sombrero while we were all cleaning up and a spontaneous dance party of little ones broke out on the little stage in the meeting room.
It was a fun time for the whole family and we look forward to the next World Brooklyn event!

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