Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Fun Show on a Beautiful Day

Since our first sing-along where we hid in the tunnel because it rained, we've had incredibly gorgeous weather each Sunday morning. It actually feels like we take a bit of a back seat to just the pleasure of sitting out in Park on such a lovely day.

We had a really fun time this week with a lot of new families. Despite Kylen and Chloe being under the weather and Fati and I getting little sleep, we kept everything together and had a good time. The parents were great helping us sing the songs and play instruments and even dance around.

Another really great thing is that with such nice weather, our sing-along has become a sing-along and hang-out. We get a chance to meet other families from the area and have some adult conversations while our kids run around and play.

Two more Sundays to go and then what? I think we'll have to figure that out soon.

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Monique said...

Are you having the sing-along this Sunday? It still feels like summer! We missed that last one but would love to attend one in the future.