Monday, December 1, 2008

The Next Thing...A CD!

The summer ended and along with it our fun sing-a-longs in the Park. Although we were unsure how our newly found musical adventures were going to continue, the answer became pretty obvious because Fati started coming home day after day with the lyrics for songs she had written.

Soon, I was writing music on my guitar and before we knew it we had a bunch of songs written. We played around with the idea of recording the songs with just guitar and voices but decided we wanted a to go a little further. Through a friend we found the incredible Dani Beltran, a bass player/piano player/arranger/engineer based in Mexico who agreed to create arrangements for our songs. Each arrangement he sent us was better than the last. Dani had taken rough ideas and fleshed them out into wonderful, danceable songs.

After Dani finished his arrangements, we needed to find a recording studio so that Fati and I could record our vocals and guitar. For this, we talked to my friend David Gould who has a recording studio called One Plug Studios.

At the same time, we started work on the CD art working with a great illustrator Nina Frenkel who I've known for years through my friend Blue and Mariana Canale, an amazing designer who actually attended our first Sing-a-Long in the park.

With the team together, we were ready to make a CD!

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