Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some Feedback

We've gotten some very positive feedback on the CD which is great. Chloe's teacher really likes it, particularly the song Chloe sings. The child of one friend actually sang La Esponja while taking a bath! David's girls have put El Baile on heavy rotation (they want to hear Charles sing), and amazingly the daugther of one of our friends, sat quietly and listened to the whole CD straight through.

It's exciting to hear what people think. Once CD Baby sets it up on their site, we'll really start doing publicity!

1 comment:

Sol said...

HOLA familia MISTER!!!!
Les cuento que en casa están escuchando el CD con MUCHA ATENCION y les encanta la parte de CHLOE!...el único problema es que quieren escucharlo también a KYLEN!!!!
Hoy voy a entregar el primer CD de regalo! despues les cuento la experiencia de su NUEVA oyente!
Sol y familia!