Sunday, May 10, 2009

Abbasubi website is alive!

The Abbasubi website is done--at least the first draft of it. Please leave comments about the site--good, bad, grammatical, conceptual whatever, here or email them to us.

Our CD, El Baile del Sombrero is up on CD Baby and I've done a big email/Facebook mailing.

Plus, we're going to have a CD release party where it all started in Prospect Park on June 6th at 11:00 am which will also be a birthday party for me. Actually I remember we were trying to get the CD done by Fati's birthday in January, then we were shooting for our anniversary, then Kylen's birthday but I guess it ended up being my birthday.

We're really excited and it's fun to actually announce to the world that we exist. It is strange though now that I realize how grass-roots, small time we are. I don't mind that. I actually think it's kind of neat but I do wonder what it would be like to have someone else doing this work of publicity and distribution.

We've worked with such a great and supportive team of people who have as much to do with us finishing this project as we did so we're passing along all the positive comments we've gotten from people to them too.


Anonymous said...

Web site looks fantastic! I've just picked up my CD. I'll be checking the SHOWS link often for when you two will be doing the Mid-Atlantic tour. Great job all around. - Michael

Unknown said...

C&F&C&K - excellent job on the site and blog! I was already well aware that you existed but I guess it must be nice to be official on the internet. See you on June 6th for the official launch of Abbasubi (and your 39th year..)