Monday, May 25, 2009

Two very, very unofficial shows in Prospect Park

We have had incredibly beautiful weather this weekend and we've been enjoying it by spending hours and hours in our beloved Prospect Park. Friday we were on the hill for hours flying kites, throwing frisbees and making new friends, Saturday we were at the 3rd Street playground getting wet and knocking balls out of trees, today Fati and I took our new Roland Street Cube and mics to try out our show.

We were hidden behind trees performing to a few ducks that were swimming around in the lake but we did the show and felt pretty good about it. Later, we had a picnic on the peninsula with our group of friends with kids and we were goaded into playing a couple songs (of course we had all the equipment with us).

We were helped by the fact that pretty much all of our friends already have the CD they and their kids already know the songs. When we had some technical difficulties (i.e. I stepped on a mic chord and kind of broke the amp) one of our friends belted out the lyrics and got us back on track.

Anyway, the kids seemed to enjoy the songs, laughed a lot at us and each other, and everyone seemed to have a good time. Hopefully our CD Release party will be just like today (friends, weather, food) except for a few more songs, a few more people, and a birthday cake for me.

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