Friday, May 29, 2009

Practice at home

We've been working hard practicing our show after Fati gets home from work but it's rather complicated. Kylen has chewed up a bunch of the sponges, the hats usually end up strewn around the apartment, and Chloe took Paco to school today for show and tell.

But it's fun too. Chloe is excited about the show so much that now she's doing her own show. Last night we took our seats as Chloe performed selections from The Wizard of Oz. Kylen was a special guest for Somewhere Over the Rainbow but he got a little shy and just stood looking at us. Our show was cut a short because Chloe and Kylen got upset for different reasons but lay on the rug crying.

Despite all this, we have fun each time we dance around, do our silly routines, and most of all see that our little audience of 2 seems to approve.

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