Saturday, August 22, 2009


We had our first show in Bushwick at the Maria Hernandez Park at the Greenmarket that's there on Saturdays. I totally outsmarted myself by trying to avoid some construction that my GPS was heading me towards. We were low on gas, we had to let Kylen out to pee, and took forever thanks to my great navigating but we made it!

When we arrived we found that there was already a gathering of families with kids right in the spot where I thought we could do our show. Between their storytelling and songs, we managed to ask if we could be the follow-up act to all the activities they were doing. They thought that was okay so we sat down and enjoyed La Oruga Muy Hambrienta, Tu mama es una llama, and The Wheels on the Bus. Chloe was happy because she got a couple stickers.

When it was our turn to go on, it seemed like everyone joined in for the hat dance, A Guardar, and all the other songs. It's so nice getting feedback from kids and parents. A simple smile always gives me a boost when I'm looking around at the faces of people watching us (or not). And there were a lot of smiles and support from just about everyone there.

What a nice group!

El Baile del Sombrero!

Kids are trying to all fit in our suitcase

I look very serious about doing it SOLO SOLO SOLO

I got Chloe to give out our new El Baile del Sombrero cards to people. She did an amazing job and came back for more and gave all those out. She did a much better job than I would do! She has no fear about going up to people and handing them a card!

I also gave our Soy Muy Independiente stickers but of course didn't really expect there to be so many kids there. I felt pretty bad when we didn't have enough for everybody and it got a little hectic when kids started grabbing for them. Lesson learned.

Although we were a little stressed and tired getting to the show, but both Fati and I get a real charge when we're dancing around and acting silly. When there's kids there, it's always worth it!

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