Friday, August 28, 2009

Underhill Playground

We had a really wonderful show at the Underhill Playground on Sunday that was set up by a member of the Friends of Underhill Playground who have a monthly get-together for families in the neighborhood.

Maybe because we were actually just invited and because there was a great turn out, it felt more like an actual show and that we were an actual real group performing. Seeing a few people who already had our CD or had been at other shows and liked our music also gave us a little boost.

Yeah! Lots of families out on Sunday morning!

I began the show by saying "I'm Fati and this is Charles." Oops. I was kind of tired. But I think the kid who really got into wearing a hat and ran around showing everyone snapped me out of it and we had a great show afterwards.

Entralled with Teo

Why doesn't that rabbit eat carrots?!!?

We are REALLY trying to sell that it'll just be a little while until Mama will come pick you up at school.

Just kind of like this picture...

We had a great time hanging out for awhile after the show talking to parents and kids. I think the playground show is probably the best for us. The kids play and watch us, there's always lots of families around, and afterwards you can just continue doing what you usually do as a parent. Nice.

We then headed to New Jersey to spend the entire day at the most incredible public pool I've ever been to. It was a full but very nice day.


Sol said...

Me voy UNA SEMANA de vacaciones y me encuentro con UN MONTON DE BUENAS NOTICIAS!
Me alegra leer que están disfrutando de su MUSICA!
Acá los esperamos para poder compartir un poco de SU ARTE con todos nosotros los del HEMISFERIO SUR!
Besos para todos

Tatiana said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm glad I found your blog and website!