Monday, August 10, 2009

Surprise Show in the Park!

Another Saturday at Coco Roco and another beautiful day. Where were the kids? Apparently they were outside. So we took our show on the road.

After being sufficiently prodded by Fati, we decided that instead of just letting the kids run around at the playground, that we'd actually do our show. We ended up with a very nice audience with many passers-by, young and old, stopping by for at least a few minutes to smile and enjoy the scene.

Stella getting down


Everyone sleeping with the fleas.

I guess Kylen is proving he can pull up his pants SOLO SOLO SOLO!

Once again, Kylen proved to be our most stalwart fan. He came up close, did the dances and even went to sleep with me after La Pulga.

We had a great time and then returned to Coco Roco with friends to have a delicious dinner.

1 comment:

Sol said...

No puedo parar de reirme con la foto de KYLEN con sus pantalones BIEN ARRIBA!...que dulce!
Bueno parece que pasaron un FIN DE SEMANA muy divertido
Besos para todos