Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some Feedback

We've gotten some very positive feedback on the CD which is great. Chloe's teacher really likes it, particularly the song Chloe sings. The child of one friend actually sang La Esponja while taking a bath! David's girls have put El Baile on heavy rotation (they want to hear Charles sing), and amazingly the daugther of one of our friends, sat quietly and listened to the whole CD straight through.

It's exciting to hear what people think. Once CD Baby sets it up on their site, we'll really start doing publicity!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The CDs are here! The CDs are here!

Yesterday, Fati, Male, and the kids waited patiently at home for our CDs to arrive from Discmakers and at about 12:30 pm, the fateful buzz sounded. "Llegaron los CDs!" yelled Fati.

After Fati let in the UPS guy who hauled up 8 boxes of OUR CD(!), she discovered he was Dominican and had a 4 year old son, so of course he left with one of our CDs.

A whole new set of projects awaits but we now have completed the "making a CD" project which we are really thrilled about.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Party and Fati & Charles Practice

On Saturday, we had a wonderful Easter Egg Decorating and Search party at our friend's house in Ditmas Park. Fati and I took the opportunity to start getting in shape by playing some songs from the CD. Along with scones, empanadas, OJ, and fruit salad, we brought sponges, rag dolls, brand new lyric sheets, and lots and lots of hats.

How do we do this again?

Everyone put on hats for El Baile del Sombrero!

We had a great time.