Monday, September 28, 2009

On the Road Again..well actually for the second time

Fati & Charles and Chloe and Kylen are going to hit the road on October 10th. We got this crazy idea to head down to DC to visit family and play a show. And without too much fuss, it's happened as we planned.

It's a pretty short road trip and only the second time we'll be playing outside of the NYC limits but I think we're going to stack the audience with family and friends and it should be a fun time.

My kids have never been to DC where I was born and haven't met some of my family so I'm very excited about that. Our camping trip in Vermont this summer emboldened us to take some more road trips so watch out Eastern seaboard! Here come the Mister Family singers!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Frolic

The Flatbush Frolic was a very fun day. We headed over early to see Jen Milich do her Music for Aardvarks preview. Chloe and Kylen did that class when they were little and we've always loved what Jen does in Music for Aardvarks and in Audra Rox.
We headed home for naps and then got back in time to see Lloyd from the Deedle Deedle Dees do a preview for his Deedle Time class which was great! The tot lot was packed and Lloyd had kids stomping around like dinosaurs, and chomping like crocodiles. His song Major Degan or as I call it the Emperor of Traffic got stuck in my head. Very catchy.
We got to use a really great PA system from FDC and had a very fun show. It was great because our audience ended up being mainly Spanish speaking families so Fati took over the MC duties. It was a short and sweet little show and we were really happy to be part of the day.
Alison at Midwood Martial Arts was helpful and positive as always. I don't know how many balloons she filled up but she always did it with a smile.
Yeah Flatbush Frolic!