Friday, May 29, 2009

Practice at home

We've been working hard practicing our show after Fati gets home from work but it's rather complicated. Kylen has chewed up a bunch of the sponges, the hats usually end up strewn around the apartment, and Chloe took Paco to school today for show and tell.

But it's fun too. Chloe is excited about the show so much that now she's doing her own show. Last night we took our seats as Chloe performed selections from The Wizard of Oz. Kylen was a special guest for Somewhere Over the Rainbow but he got a little shy and just stood looking at us. Our show was cut a short because Chloe and Kylen got upset for different reasons but lay on the rug crying.

Despite all this, we have fun each time we dance around, do our silly routines, and most of all see that our little audience of 2 seems to approve.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Two very, very unofficial shows in Prospect Park

We have had incredibly beautiful weather this weekend and we've been enjoying it by spending hours and hours in our beloved Prospect Park. Friday we were on the hill for hours flying kites, throwing frisbees and making new friends, Saturday we were at the 3rd Street playground getting wet and knocking balls out of trees, today Fati and I took our new Roland Street Cube and mics to try out our show.

We were hidden behind trees performing to a few ducks that were swimming around in the lake but we did the show and felt pretty good about it. Later, we had a picnic on the peninsula with our group of friends with kids and we were goaded into playing a couple songs (of course we had all the equipment with us).

We were helped by the fact that pretty much all of our friends already have the CD they and their kids already know the songs. When we had some technical difficulties (i.e. I stepped on a mic chord and kind of broke the amp) one of our friends belted out the lyrics and got us back on track.

Anyway, the kids seemed to enjoy the songs, laughed a lot at us and each other, and everyone seemed to have a good time. Hopefully our CD Release party will be just like today (friends, weather, food) except for a few more songs, a few more people, and a birthday cake for me.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

MySpace Page

Yes. We are now officially a band. We have our MySpace page!

It's at It's nice because I don't think there is a band in the world yet called Fati & Charles so we don't have any problem getting exactly the page name we want.

We put up 3 songs for your listening pleasure. Leave comments!

Friday, May 22, 2009

El Baile del Sombrero in Argentina

Fati just heard from friend in Lujan (the town Fati's from in Argentina) that for a holiday presentation of some kind, her son's class actually did El Baile del Sombrero! Apparently they used the dance steps from the song with their own interpretation.

Very exciting and funny. We think that pictures and maybe even video will be forthcoming.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I just bought gear for the band. I got this what seems like an amazing, magical battery powered amp called the Street Cube which when I played it in the store was loud, sounded great and is lightweight and really cool. We can put in 2 mics and use an IPod to playing the background tracks for the music. The amazing thing is that it runs on 6 AA batteries which also defies logic.

This means ideally that we'll be able to play anywhere, anytime really easily! I'm excited to go to the park and try it out!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Photo shoot

Yesterday, our friend, the wonderful photographer Flynn Larsen ( took some pictures of us in our old stomping grounds in Prospect Park. The last time we took pictures like that was our wedding photos so it actually felt sort of romantic.

We think they came out really nice! Thanks Flynn!

Children's Day at the Seaport!

We have been invited to play at Children's Day at the South Street Seaport on Saturday June 13th! There's music from 12-5 and lots and lots to do! We don't know exactly what time we're playing yet but we'll put it on the website when we know. But you should just come for the whole day and for the fireworks!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We're on ITunes!

The nice people at CD Baby have been sending out our CD to all kinds of digital music places most notably for me is ITunes since that's pretty much the only thing I use.

It's exciting being able to search Fati and Charles and find us on ITunes. It's like we're a real band or something. Here's a link: Fati Sfiligoi & Charles Mister - El Baile del Sombrero - El Baile del Sombreo

We're also on Lala, Amazon, and I think Didiom. In awhile, we should be up on most digital music sites. Here's a list from CD Baby about their distribution.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Abbasubi website is alive!

The Abbasubi website is done--at least the first draft of it. Please leave comments about the site--good, bad, grammatical, conceptual whatever, here or email them to us.

Our CD, El Baile del Sombrero is up on CD Baby and I've done a big email/Facebook mailing.

Plus, we're going to have a CD release party where it all started in Prospect Park on June 6th at 11:00 am which will also be a birthday party for me. Actually I remember we were trying to get the CD done by Fati's birthday in January, then we were shooting for our anniversary, then Kylen's birthday but I guess it ended up being my birthday.

We're really excited and it's fun to actually announce to the world that we exist. It is strange though now that I realize how grass-roots, small time we are. I don't mind that. I actually think it's kind of neat but I do wonder what it would be like to have someone else doing this work of publicity and distribution.

We've worked with such a great and supportive team of people who have as much to do with us finishing this project as we did so we're passing along all the positive comments we've gotten from people to them too.