Saturday, June 6, 2009

CD Release/38th Birthday Party!

It happened! We had our first real show as Fati & Charles singing El Baile del Sombrero.
The day started off a little iffy but every weather report I had been checking for the past week seemed certain that it was going to be a beautiful day. We had the park to ourselves.

We got a special delivery from Nina Frenkel, our amazing illustrator and now puppet maker. It was El Conejito Teo!
At 11:00 am we were still waiting for our audience to arrive. But soon parents, family and friends started gathering.
Then it was show time!

The kids were wonderful, the parents too, and we had a fun time singing and jumping around.

Kylen helped out with the sound.
And then had to run to the bathroom...
Looks like a nice party!
My 38th Birthday looked more like a birthday for a 4 year old, but the cake was delicious and it was great to have some special friends with us, especially our friend who was here all the way from Ireland.

Looking around at all our friends, I realized what an amazing year it has been. We've made so many great friends since we arrived back from Argentina. The CD and this new phase in our lives wouldn't have happened without that trip even though at the time it didn't seem like it was going to have such a big impact on us.


Unknown said...

Hola chicos! Qué lindo todo lo que cuentan y las fotos del parque están hermosas!! Qué sana envidia tengo de que estén disfrutando tanto sol, acá ya llegó el invierno con todo!!! Felicitaciones por los shows, me encanta que todo esté resultando tan bien.
Besos a los cuatro.

Unknown said...

PD: Charles, feliz cumpleaños! Qué linda manera de festejarlo!