Friday, July 24, 2009

Amazing Kids at the Bibliobús in Sunset Park

Despite the fact that kids are supposed to be asleep at two in the afternoon, and that it was supposed to rain, and that we didn't have Kylen to support us, we had a fantastic show in Sunset Park at the Bibliobús!

The kids that assembled for our show seemed like they were trying out to be permanent dancers in our show or something. They were amazing! They had their eyes fixed on us watching and copying every move, singing every chorus when we thrust the microphone at us, and I got so many high fives my hand started hurting a little bit.
Looking for the Esponja

Was it that the kids were older? Were Fati and I just totally awesome that day? I'm not sure what it was that got the kids so engaged but many of them stuck with us throughout the entire show which I feel is a minor miracle. We got our first mention in a blog which was also very exciting! It's on a really neat Sunset Park blog called Best View in Brooklyn. Here's the link.

Explaining the merits of Paco

Kylen, Chloe and my nephew Vincent showed up as the show was winding down and we spent a few hours enjoying Sunset Park. What a nice day!

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Sol said...

que BUENOS saber que las cosas se a poco se van PONIENDO EN MARCHA!
Mucha SUERTE para el fin de semana!