Monday, July 20, 2009

A Show for Kylen

Saturday was a difficult morning. When we got up, Chloe was complaining of a pain in her front (forehead) and seemed totally listless and a bit feverish. We had just dealt with a 24 hour fever from Kylen earlier in the week so we felt a bit weak about heading off to play a show in Sunset Park.

But the show must go on!

We dumped Chloe in a stroller, fed her some medicine on the way, and amazing arrived on time at the Sunset Park Greenmarket. Chloe promptly passed out pretty comfortably in the stroller and remained that way for the entire show.

Chloe was down for the count.

The Sunset Park Greenmarket is very nice. It's set up along the playground and track of a school so it's just along the sidewalk. We started our show and at various times we had quite a few kids and parents listening to our show. But if the crowd got too big, no one could walk on the sidewalk so our audience kept shifting and growing and shrinking throughout our songs.

Kylen warming up the crowd.

The one constant, there for every song, dancing and even helping us get out the props was Kylen. He didn't care if he was at times the only kid up there doing the steps. He kept us company and was our audience member. He slapped five, hugged Teo, woke me up after La Pulga, and waved, kicked and shook his butt during our Chau song.

He was awesome. I don't think I'll ever question having the kids with us at another show. Kylen made this show really special for us.

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Sol said...

Como se dice acá...KYLEN les hizo el AGUANTE!.....que bueno tener una HINCHADA propia!
Besos a todos