Wednesday, July 15, 2009


No we didn't play at Sing Sing. We played at the block party of the Cavalry Church where a friend of Fati's is a member. We had our first groupie, my nephew Vincent along with us and the kids.

When it got about time for us to play and there we're many kids around, Fati went off with the kids and managed to round up some families! She's amazing.

The show turned out to be really fun especially because the sound system was incredible. It's fun hearing our music and voices blasted into the world. We got a lot of smiles and hand clapping from the adults sitting and a lot of dancing and high fives from the kids participating.

We spent the rest of the afternoon getting face painted and playing catch and hacky sack.

The kids all drifted off on the way home from a really nice day Upstate.

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Detroit said...

Truly a blessing to have you guys! - Tiffany