Friday, July 3, 2009

Mulberry Library

Each show we've played so far usually has some little special element that makes it memorable and fun for us. Our show at the Mulberry Library was made memorable by the appearance of our friends racing in from Rhode Island and arriving at our show just as we were starting and by me somehow finding parking and walking about 10 blocks with the kids to get to the library.

Susie, the children's librarian, had done a great job of spreading the word about our show and the room was pretty full. There were a lot of little kids and even babies checking out our equipment and checking us out. Chloe and Kylen performed the sound check and we were ready to start.

The parents, caregivers, babies and toddlers all seemed to pay attention and got pretty excited by our music. It seemed a little weird to be dancing and singing so loud in a library but the door was closed I guess and we were having fun.

Having our friends and their 3 kids there with our kids made it a very fun and special show. As I ran to our car to feed the meter and found that I hadn't gotten a ticket, I thought that we were really lucky.

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