Sunday, June 14, 2009

Children's Day at the Seaport!

We had a great time at Children's Day at the South Street Seaport. From the moment we arrived and were whisked backstage with the rest of the "talent", everyone was super helpful and responsive. I was a little surprised that meeting Gordon had such an effect on me. I kept having little Sesame Street flashbacks. Robbert Bobbert brought his whole family and suffered a bit through the rain but did a great show anyway.

And the audience was excellent! The kids were ready to dance at the drop of a hat or the many hats that Laura gave out and the parents were great too giving us smiles and dancing around themselves. After the nervous excitement and buildup to the show, we felt we performed well and got positive feedback from everyone.

It was great that our incredible arranger/producer, Daniel Beltran was able to come up from Mexico to be there and our friend Laura could help us out playing and dancing with the kids in the audience. It was also great to have friends and family there cheering us on. Basically, it was a super fun and I know will be a memorable day.
Okay. So we arrived kind of early. We were excited!
Laura and Dani had never been to the Seaport before so we had to do some tourist shots.
Dani is a wonderful guest.
Let's start the show!

El Baile del Sombrero!

Fati doing some serious marching.
I think I'm refregando.
The happy and slightly out-of-breath duo.

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