Tuesday, June 9, 2009

International School of Brooklyn Show

Our second show and this time the audience was not filled with ringers. The event was held in a narrow courtyard space between two buildings and it was packed with fun things for kids to do. Chloe did cookie decorating with lots of extra icing, made a necklace, painted a frame for Nana, and a flowerpot for Granddaddy.
Kylen enjoyed going upstairs to the bathroom a lot and eating his cupcake.

Anyway, the show went well. We had a couple new fans that stuck with us for all the songs. We got smiles and head bopping from kids and parents.

We stuck around to see Nicky Haimo and the Blue Strawberries, a really fun band that had the joint jumping.

All in all, we've been really happy that our little show seems to get a few laughs and keep everyone in a good mood. On to the Seaport!

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