Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cortelyou Green Market

It was SO nice to roll out of our apartment at about quarter of 10 and head over to a very familiar spot at the Cortelyou Green Market. The playground on Cortelyou, the library, and the neighborhood are our home away from home. Chloe and I went to the story times at the library every week and usually played at the playground across the street but lately we've been going to the one where we were going to play quite often.

We already had a captive audience of families at the playground and as we were setting up curious kids came over to look at our hats, shakers, sponges and microphone cables. Then our friends from the neighborhood started showing up. I don't actually think we stacked the audience too much but it was great to see so many friendly faces.

We had actually practiced the show a couple of times during the week and I am now doing more of the MCing so more of the descriptions of the songs are in English. We're still working on making the show fun for everyone even if they don't speak Spanish and I'm still working on being a fun, funny MC.

We're also playing around with the order of songs. We're starting off with El Baile del Sombrero now. Kylen was all over this gigantic hat.

Where did my hat go?

Chloe and Kylen are getting into the singing into the mic thing that I think most kids really like. For our sound check, Chloe sang Manta. The playground was a perfect place to do a show with the kids because there was nowhere really for them to disappear to and we had a lot of friends around. It definitely can be a little complicated to have them there while we're trying to perform but it's also totally valuable that we can share the experience with them.

Being very independent.

There were a lot of kids there and everyone was really into it and super energetic. It was great fun.

Bye Cortelyou playground. We'll hopefully play there sometime again this summer. Thanks to Josephine for snapping the picture and changing the batteries.

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