Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nairobi's Knapsack

Although we had never heard of it before, we now love Make Music New York. Somehow or other we're going to be a part of it next year.

There's just something nice about playing music out in the streets with people walking by and giving a little smile. It's one of those moments when it feels like music brings everybody together for a brief while.

When we arrived at Nairobi's Knapsack, Tres Leches was just starting. They were really great. They have beautiful voices and their last rocking song about the sounds of the street was perfect for the day.

We were trying out our new "English" show where I do a lot more of the talking. I think it went pretty well at least judging by the little girl who danced with us to every song and made us have a really great time while she was.

Looking for the Esponja.

Washing with the Esponja.

Thanks to Luba for the pictures and childcare.

Chloe and Kylen were with us which actually went pretty well. They behaved well but it's incredibly distracting to try to keep track of them while remembering dance steps and lyrics. We'll see how that develops.

After a little lunch at Bristen's Eatery (very tasty) we went out to find a house dance party going on right on the sidewalk. Actually the dance party was pretty much one man who we found out later was named Xavier and he was dancing up a storm. Without any hesitation, Chloe and Kylen were dancing with him. He was so wonderful with Chloe showing her steps and dancing together.

I think we must have been there for at least half an hour just dancing. Fati got out some tamborines which upped the ante a bit. Finally, Chloe decided it was time to get going just as some rain started falling.

She told us she wanted to go back soon and dance with Xavier. I explained that it was sort of a special event that he was there and she said we should go back when there is a special event again. So we have a date for next year in front of Bristen's to do some more dancing.

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Detroit said...

Oh my goodness! Chloe is already such a good dancer and so observant of the new moves!! I love this! - Tiffany